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Stupid people and upside down tattoos

Can someone please tell me how I can tell these people that upside down tattoos look like shit...

I keep trying to explain but it's like they can't comprehend it..

How do you respond when a client wants an upside down tattoo on the wrist?


RE:Stupid people and upside down tattoos


If it bothers you to do these types of tattoos just send them to someone else. however, if you still do these tattoos anyway and continue to pay your bills. be grateful that you were asked to provide this particular service and try your best to not to call them stupid. if you want to give your view of things, have them look at their tattoo in a mirror to get the perspective that you get. If they are still wanting the tattoo in the position they asked, you need to respect it. Getting upset at someone that doesn't feel the same as you is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die. You are providing a service. its up to you to decide if you are above doing the things you don't like. I'm sure there are a 1000 others out there that will be happy to do an upside down tattoo... ;) Stay humble my friend.

hope that helps.

take care

Stephen Stacey
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RE:Stupid people and upside down tattoos


I agree with Stephen. They want it to be right side up when they look at it. That isn't wrong. It isnt what you think looks good, but you're not wearing it. This is a situation where the tattoo is purely for themselves and no one else. I recently saw a huge front panel on a girl that had an "upside down mermaid" and it took a minute for me to wrap my head around it. It made me look at it longer and really pay attention. I'd call that a successful design, not stupid placement.

You can give advice all day long but ultimately it's their decision. I'll do the damn thing sideways if it's what they really want. Making them feel stupid will only hurt you in the long run. Even folks that want that dumb ass anchor with "I refuse to sink" deserve to be spoken to with respect. I hate that design with a passion, but I don't tell the client that. I let them know respectfully that an anchor with that quote might not be the best image. Almost all have agreed with me and said they never thought of it like that. A couple said they wanted it anyway, so I did it. It's not wrong to disagree with a clients decision, nor to point out flaws in the decision that they may regret, it is wrong to belittle their idea.
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