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I have a question to all the artists on this forum who seem to have been professionals right from the beginning. I really dislike your attitude towards people who are beginners willing to learn from more experienced artists. Why the hell are you putting people down when you are "answering" a question? Maybe it is an amateur and maybe you are a much better artist....you once had to learn too didn't you?
Or were you born as a supreme and superior scratcher?
My advice to all of you, if you do not have aything usefull to contribute to a perfectly normal question, than maybe you should just not comment at all. So that us beginning artists get the advice we need without having to read all the crap you so desperately need to share......being an experienced artist doesn't mean you are a better one you know....




Hey man,

Getting mad at the multitude of personalities that come to this forum, is like drinking poison,and expecting the other person to die. I would recommend that you focus on the things on this forum that can help you, and try not to let the opinions of others bother you. Unfortunately, the opinions of others are basically none of our business. They simply exist. being mindful that there is always negativity around us, will help you to focus on whats really important. the knowledge. This forum is a gold mine of useful information. kinda like a barrel of knowledge apples. when you reach in to grab some just throw away the ones that are rotten and try and polish the ones that are not....but getting mad at the rotten ones is a waste of your valuable time... also try to remember, the commenters on this forum are faceless for most of them on here, so it will give the insecure an opportunity to make themselves feel better. Don't take it personal. just try and be a better person and focus on the positive. One thing you need to learn, is that when you argue with an idiot, they will drag you down to their level and beat you with experience....

hope that helps

take care

Stephen Stacey
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hahhah nice, very good advice as always from superman. He's half the goldmine of this site.
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