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Lining with a Halo2

Alright, so... All this rotary talk I finally jumped ship and picked up a Halo2 from FK. The give feature seemed appealing. And the standard needle and grip set up as well. It took me 5 tattoos or so to get used to the weight and cartridges. From tattoo #1, the only halfway decent lines I have gotten with it is with a super tight 5L from ttech at about 9v (I typically line with my coils at 7.8v). Its basically frustrating the shit out of me. I had higher hopes of convenience with the slot locks. But the last few tattoos I had to set up a coil too (standard clip cord) along with my rotary (rca). Yeah, pain in the ass switching. Basically I'm wondering if anyone had any light to shed on lining with this beast. I've tried all 3 cams. I've tried tightening the give all the way. I've tried running it a little deeper. I still keep getting patchy thick and thin lines or shallow lines. I feel like I have to move incredibly slow to get a decent line and even then I can work 10x faster with my coils...


RE:Lining with a Halo2

Oh, that being said.... Color with the son of a bitch is flawless. So smooth.
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