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Canada and Cartridges

I know that Ttech, and Cheyenne are the dominant cartridge brands in Canada, I've been searching high and low for other distributors that may carry alternative brands like we've been seeing happen in the US.
Good guy supply has promoted a bit about their cartridges that are coming out, but have missed the scheduled dates for release several times. So i've just stopped making inquiries to them.

Does anyone have other brands or companies that might have them within our country, its not as economical to purchase needles south of the border at the moment. Though equipment is still a better deal.

Any input will be greatly appreciated, thanks folks.

Also, just as an extension, whats everyone running for their cartridge set up?
I purchased a spectra edge x in october, as my first rotary. And plan on getting a second one shortly, but am wavy on buying a different machine, as the edge x has preformed well thus far. Also heard FK is bringing out a pen in the summer, which i am also interested in.