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Rib tattoo issues

Does anyone have any tips and tricks on tattooing the ditch between the ribs and hip? I always have such a hard time tattooing that spot because it sinks in as im tying to strtch and tattoo. I sweat like crazy trying to tattoo that spot


RE:Rib tattoo issues


Hiya Olivia!

I also have an awful time with that spot. It takes a lot of upper body strength to stretch that area and help hold the client down, since most want to squirm. I personally gave up and now tell clients that I can't do work on that spot because I'm not able to do a good job in that area.

There are a couple regulars I have that I will tattoo their and I make it very clear that they will have to be in an uncomfortable position with their arm over their head. We can take breaks if needed, but in order to do a good job on the tattoo they will have to endure an awkward uncomfortable pose. I've also heard that you can make them lay on top of a pillow or roll of paper towels to stretch the area even further, make sure to position the pillow under their kidney area when they lay on their side.

Hope this helps

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RE:Rib tattoo issues

Thank you so much for your advice. The pillow idea seem brilliant. I already do the arm over the head, but a combo of that plus the pillow is brilliant. Thank you so much, i will give it a shot and see how it goes
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