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Healing issue....never seen before

Good morning

I have a client that half way through the tattoo mentioned she has lymph edema on the leg we were working on. I am keeping in touch with her....and 3 days in the piece is healing like I expect.....the redness is gone...the swelling is down....and I have her on aquaphor just lightly ...like I have been using forever.

However there is one spot that looks like heat rash....only in one area....and I am not sure if this is a function of the lymph edema....or an allergic reaction to the certain color ( although the color is used elsewhere and just fine). I have a pic I can send....but cannot post here.....looking for advice



RE:Healing issue....never seen before



I've seen that before. I have found that Aquaphor sometimes causes a heat rash like reaction on some people. Have her switch to an aloe free/ fragrance free lotion or use even less of the aquaphor, trying to keep it only on the actual tattoo. Wipe off any excess that gets on the un-tattooed skin.

Hope that helps!

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