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Will someone please explain a few things about the give on rotaries

This is a big issue for me, I am doing an apprenticeship at a respectable studio but the 2 artists here (although they know how to use give) cannot explain to me the technical aspect of how and why. They just know the sound of the machine at a certain point of the give travel and basically do it blindly. Which is fine!

But I want someone to explain to me please, what the give does exactly and how to use it for shading and lining.

I know that if you are using small liner needles like a 10/03 RL or a 10/05RL, the give should be quite soft because it doesnt need much force to penetrate the skin, and the Volts should be lower than usual as well as the depth they are used, to avoid blowouts.

But how do I use give for magnums and round shaders or large liner needles?

If someone could help me with this I would appreciate it so much.
Thank you.