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Self taught

Hey all. My name is James and I'm determined to learn to tattoo.

I recently was let go from an apprenticeship 5 months in. I learned the habits of all sanitary procedures. I broke down and set up 3 artists multiple times a day and sat and watched maybe 100 tattoos. I was honestly heart broken to be let go of the apprenticeship because I was holding onto it for dear life. My mentor actually sent me a text telling me it's over. And I cried a bit haha. Couldn't help it because I just want this so badly !

My mentor was self taught and he tattooed friends and worked in a crappy shop for a little until he was 21 and his dad helped him open a shop. He had no apprenticeship but he along the way learned the trade. In some ways I understood certain styles like irezumi better then he did but I now realize he still knew tattooing I and did not.

Anyways I'm moving to a new place and may still look for another apprenticeship but I'm also going to spend time buying the right equipment and seeing how I do. I already tattooed a fox on my thigh and it looks like a grey wash or grey line for a stencil. Only because my technique was off. My machine was dirt cheap and the ink was terrible. I learned my mistake and am now going to do the necessary reading and learning to do it right this time. In due time I'm going to buy the fk iron halo 2. The same machine as my old mentor and start from there.

Even I stress and doubt my self about not doing this through an apprenticeship because I know why people say I should yet it's not always an option for everyone. Yet I've spent the past 3 years refining my artistic skills and had world famous artists tell me my art is ready to be tattooed. So I'm going to stay conscious and take this experience on with patience and openness . Doubt or listening to anyone else's doubt of me will only distract me.

I may not be tattooing in the best place but I will clean my area spotless. I will use Madacide and all disposable supplies. I will buy clip cord covers machine covers bottle covers and everything I need.

I respect other people too much to go crazy on their skin or risk damaging them so I will work on my self before anyone else. I have been putting needles in my skin since I was 15 so this is a long journey for me and I am now 22. I hope I can get the support of some of the members here. And I hope I can be given honest criticism of my tattoos and art when I share them.

I'm going to start with tattooing what I've done most and that is peonies. The line work for them feels most natural for my hand and it is the number one thing I understand how to shade and color.

Here is a link to my instagram page. And thank you for giving the time to read this.