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Ink spitting cheyennes (3 machines)


I've been having problems with 3 cheyenne machines that I'm still not able to figure out..
Here we go:
I have a Cheyenne Spirit and Thunder, both machines broke down a while ago, probably because I was using the wrong cartridges.
So I sent them back to Germany where they repaired them.
Now I only use original cheyenne cartridges.
In the beginning the machines were running fine, until 1/2 weeks later I discovered that, when I do lines, the machines flow way too much ink out.
I already changed my technique, just dipping in the tip of the needle etc.. But the machines keep on doing it. So they sent me a new one. This machine does the same thing!
I replaced my cheyenne powersupply for a new one, just to be sure.. Nothing changed..

Another thing is that my dragonfly machine works perfectly fine.

Also; in the building where I have my shop (It's an old prison where people located their shops/restaurant/hostel now), there is construction work being done at the moment. They also renovated the place I'm in now.

It seems really strange to me that 3 different machines are doing the same thing, including 1 brand new machine. So I thought maybe there is something going on with the power? (Is that possible?And if yes, what could it be and how could it be discovered/solved?) But what is also strange, is that my dragonfly still works fine.

I also tested one of the cheyennes at home, and the machine was doing the same thing. But if it would be something with the power maybe it already reached the machine?

I'm stuck here so I hope someone can help me out!



RE:Ink spitting cheyennes (3 machines)

Cheyenne run faster then other machines therefor will gravity feed ink quicker,just load the cartridge without running it in the ink cap and use a good butter or jelly on the skin, hang your needle a bit more and work of the tip you should be able to control your inkflow a bit better than it running out onto the skin ,get your process down the rest will follow
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