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First off, great site! I really enjoyed the galleries and have gotten great inspiration from your work.

I will definately pick up some stencil stuff. God knows how awful it is to have someone sweat a stencil to the point of oblivion early on in a tat. I'm definately looking forward to using it. I agree 100% that the stencil is all important. A lame stencil = lame tat. Period.

A general question for all; how are you all making stencils? For portaits I don't like to use a thermafax since there is too much interference and sometimes the lines aren't so fine, so I normally do them by hand. Also, for freehand drawing, what do you use? Obviously skin-skribes are best, but I have seen ball-points, felt-tips, etc.




RE: Stencils

hey thanks,

yeah i make my stencils by hand,i think ive used a thermafax maybe 3 times max.and definitly skin scribs are the best,but i do use sharpies alot too.
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