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Congrats!.. and question

Hi Mike,

first of all I wanna congratulate u for your great work! it's amazing what u've done, i think you're the greatest artist among the artists i know, and now it's not necessary to say that i'm a big fan of u! lol

i'm a graphic designer and i've been tattooing for two years. I wish someday i could tattoo as u do... the technique u use is pretty much what i'm into (realism), that's why i use "Intense" Ink which is good, but i think there's a better one called "Electric Ink" (a brazilian mark) 'cause the colors are more intense.

As u are an experimented tattoist, what Ink do u recommend me to use to get a better work?

thanks a lot!


RE: Congrats!.. and question

never heard of that one, but i do use Intenze along with some others but Intenze is great ink.My book that should be up for presale any day now talks alot about inks i use and actual colors i prefer..etc..check it out
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RE: Congrats!.. and question

Hey Mike,

thanks a lot for answering. by the way, my name is Luis, i definitely wanna buy the book, the thing is that i live in colombia so, will u tell me how can i get it? ... if it's to difficult , my mom lives in Arizona, so i think it'd be easier for her to buy it but where can she get it?

and... what date is it supposse to be on sale?

thanks again bro'
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RE: Congrats!.. and question

yeah im going to be figuring out all that out,as far as shipping goes.
Im hoping by this weekend ill have presales ready to go..the actual book will be complete and ready to be shipped by early june.
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