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Bomber and Hand Heart

Hey Mike, I just wanted pass on some props on the Hand(heart) and the Bomber you recently posted. I know you are more or less known as a premier portrait and animal tattooist but your misc stuff is just as amazing. Do you get alot of requests for non-portrait pieces? Is it harder to get an appointment for something that is non-portrait or animal related. Do you ever plan on doing this type of work at a convention? One more and i'm done......what, if anything would you love to tattoo on someone that is totally your idea. Is there something out there that you just wish someone would allow you to do? Keep up the good work, still getting questioned at least twice a week on the James Dean tattoo. I have put your name out there all over Ohio.

Congrats on Hell City....heard you won again!


RE: Bomber and Hand Heart

thanks man,yeah i like doing other things as well,i'm probably going to start doing more and more of those types of things,just let me know what you want,or at least give me an idea and i'll run with it..email me when you think of something.
and yeah i would do something at a show.
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