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Have emailed with no response

Hello Mike,

By the quality of your work I can only assume you are extremely busy. I emailed you about 3 months ago in regards to a boa constrictor I would like to get and did not hear back from you. I have an idea of the tail starting behind my neck, the body going from my back and to my chest as if it was resting on my left shoulder and then having the body come down the side of my left arm and having its head at the bottom of my bicep. What makes this a hard job is that it is a specific boa constrictor morph that I want since I raise and breed boas and I also have 3 letters going down on my arm that I wished covered. I think only an artist of your calibre can pull something like this off. Pictures of the boa I want can be found on my website (http://vazquezfamilyreptiles.com/motley.html). Please get back to me and hopefully we can set up an appointment.

Really looking to hear back from you,
Angel Vazquez