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Opening your own shop

So I'm doing a little research before I make a move. I'm thinking of opening a small 2 or 3 artist shop. I wanna do a few different things with the shop. A jack of all trades art studio if you will.

Tattoos, small art gallery, graphic arts, and photography all in one place. I'm not doing all these things my self but hireing people that tattoo and paint, or tattoo and photograph professionally.

I don't want to bite off more then I can chewww, thats why I wanna start off small.

Any ideas on the size of building I should start off with or look for? what is a good starting budget? If this is a good idea at all???



RE: Opening your own shop

I work in a shop with 11 other artists and 2 piercers and the shop is around 5000 square feet. that also includes a gallery and reception area.
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