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Celtic Armor Design

Good afternoon from Maryland.

I've been searching, and searching for an artist that is willing to take up the challenge of my next tattoo... This will be my third, I have a large Celtic cross centered on my right bicep and a tribal skull in the middle of my shoulder blades, along my spine.

I'm willing have someone take pictures of my back and shoulder so that we will know if the skull can be incorporated or if it will conflict with this next peice..

I plan to have it located on my left shoulder (Same placement as in the below picture). [ Although I've thought to incorporate my tat on my right arm as part on this armor...]

This picture is the closest thing I can find to what I am looking for.. The over-all feeling that this one gives, captures what I would like myself. It has that solid, metal feel.. I don't know how to explain it properly... Let me know where we go from here.

Oh... I do not want any color, grey-scale is for me. Thanks!

Much appericated,



RE: Celtic Armor Design

It sounds like a cool piece but at this time i cant take it on.
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RE:Celtic Armor Design

At Celtic Armour Tattoo it is combination of a very good tattoo art and stencil designs. If you are thinking of getting a Celtic tattoo,there are many stencil designs available.


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