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Half Sleeve

Hi Mike, I'm currently living in Massachusetts... Moving to CA in a month or two. I've wanted to get a half sleeve for a couple years now, and the times I have really pursued it I haven't found anyone that could give me quite what I wanted.

I have a life/death ambigram tattoo right in the middle of my upper arm with a date on either side of it (date of birth, date of death). My plan is to work that into a half sleeve.

I have three ideas so far. I'd like to get an angel on one side of the ambigram, a grim reaper on the other side, and some how work in a melting clock a la Salvador Dali.

I'm a little fucker, so there isn't much room to work around my ambigram tattoo.

Let me know if you're willing to work me in. I'll send you a picture of my ambigram tattoo if you like.


RE: Half Sleeve

When you get out to california if your close stop on by the shop and we'll figure something out.
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