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The video is great. But I have some questions?

I just wanted to say I love your video and would buy another if you make another.

I own ever DVD on tattooing ever produced and have watched yours the most and it’s been the most help full. Ok I’m done sucking up. lol
But I do have some questions. If you don’t want to answer them publicly I understand.

1 my only disappointment is I would of like to have seen the way you bend your needles, I know its covered in your book but I went with the DVD instead, but I am planning on picking the book up but low on funds, could you tell me about the bends? is it the same as in the n2s manual?

2 I notice you twist 2 rubber bands? Does this help them stay in place?

3 I know in a post on this forum you said you hang your needles a nickels width while running the machine is this also true for rounds and liners?

4 any tips on lining with an n2?

5 do you use the half grommet trick on the n2?

6 I know even all neumas run at different speeds but just curious on the air pressure you used on coloring with you n2’s? To get the most color in?

Thanks and I love stencil stuff and I’m waiting on my spray stuff order to come in. and I do have a question on spray stuff. Lol

If I place my stencil on with stencil stuff, then use spray stuff before I start the tattoo will it hold even longer?


RE: The video is great. But I have some questions?

ok im going to go down the list and answer them all,for one on my next DVD im going to get more into details on these sort of things,and im going to actually talk thru the tattoo rather than doing a voiceover,i think the video will be better that way,ill be able to deliver a more solid video,and the next one my head wont get in the way and ill have a camera view on my palette,which i had it in the other one,but when i got them made it ended up not being on there,somebody made a whoops on that one,with that being said thats the reason why i made it only 80 bucks rather than 100-150 like some of the other videos are.but thanks for the compliments.
The next video ill show the needle bend,but i still do it like it shows in the book but a bit less,as far as the needle bend there is so many different ways people do it,i like to put a bigger bend so there is no chance of it rattling around,i haven't checked the n2 manuel but i know how carson bends his and it is a bit less than i do,but close.
I actually dont intentionally twist the rubber bands i usually like them to sit as natural as possible,and i do like to stretch them out a bit before using them,i like two rubberbands,some people like 1 and some like 3,its all preference.
I hang the needles out that way with all different needle groupings lining and shading.
My tip for lining with an N2 is turn the machine up.i dont use the N2s anymore the new hybrid with the motor lines much better.
On average with the N2 i used to run it at 25 psi and adjust from there maybe go up 5 or maybe turn it down 5,depends on the area and what im doing.
and last if you need a better hold you can use spray stuff over your stencil,but the stencil stuff works good enough that you wouldnt need to do that,also if your stencil is rubbing off during the tattoo and your worried about it you can spray it over the area even if you have started,it is perfectly safe.
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RE: The video is great. But I have some questions?

Thank you for the fast response and I’m in on buying the next DVD I wish you had the combo deal when I bought it.

Don’t worry about your head getting in the way it’s not bad it just a second here or there. I was a computer tech for a police department and we had car camera mounts check car camera mounts they are a long bendable bar would be great for over the shoulder shots. Not the dash cams .it’s a strait bar that can be bent any angle at bend points in the bar. It’s not a flex pipe... I’m hooking one up because my customers want to watch their tattoos. It could even mount to a ceiling and pushed up out of the way. I can send you a link.

Also the quality of the video is great. And I can see right up on your needles this lacks in a lot of videos. You can even tell when the ink is watered down from it viscosity on the video.

Stencil stuff is my life. Can’t live without it. But I tend to still wipe threw the stencil and I’m heavy handed. Also my portraits take a lot longer still early in my career on them. So any safety helps.

I know people will think we know each other.. which we do not from my praise of the video but I have bought a lot that were a waste of cash. If I benefit from something I think others would to. I don’t mind saying so. In the end we buy videos to become better which in turn raises our profit. Which this video has. The spend money to make money. And I feel it was well spent. I’d love to show you my work before and after your video. (Let me know how and I’ll send) You would be the first person I have ever contacted after purchasing a video

But I also have to add I have tried all stencil liquids and even the home made ones and we have actual done wipe test at work. And stencil stuff wins. Hands down. The dry time is a must and in our test were fair and we done them on 2 different occasions.

I’m switching to the neuma hybrids ordering them now. (Hope the long wait is over on getting them) Going with the standard stroke. I hope they line well right now I’m only using n2 and my lines look a bit sketchy and would love to do one pass lines again but the weight of coils bugs me now.

Inclosing in the next video not sure you can but I’d buy a video just on how to photograph a tattoo that’s driving me crazy. Again I own ever tattoo video out there. Depth even to a seasoned tattoo artist is still tricky on detail work. So that is why I asked was your liner at that depth. Your liner work blends so well. So I thought I’d ask.

My last suggestion and I’ll leave you be. Maybe you could incorporate some black and gray as a background to show your black and gray work... Or even another video?

Thank you again and my best to you and yours
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RE: The video is great. But I have some questions?

yeah maybe a black and grey video one day,my next is going to be an animal,ill look into those things you were talking about.If you actually email me thru the contact link,you can get my email and send those pics.
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