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I admire your realism and work and I've been wanting to take my artwork to the tattoo level for some time. What kind of advice do you have for someone just starting or trying to start. Other than to get your work out there and go door to door :) I'd like to start off with the neuma and have been looking over their website for years. I want to go all or nothing and learn from someone who has used the neuma. I don't want to waste my time in some of the crappy shops around here. Although, anything I learn would be great. I also wondered what inks you prefer? I'm having a very hard time finding anyone open for apprenticeships also....not sure if it's bc they are a pain or take too much time or what lol. Thanks a bunch!!!



Although it seems like there is numerous ways to get started now a days,The best way is still to get an apprenticeship at a shop,but your going to have to take the steps of building that strong portfolio of art,so when you go to the local shops they wont be able to turn you away,You want to find a shop with cool people working there within a good environment.You may get turned down but use that as fuel to get better within your art and keep trying.
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