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hybrid ss

hey, i just tried out the hybrid ss. last night i was tattooing with it on my buddie's leg. I noticed that at times when i tattoed on the toughter skins spots, like the side of the calf muscle where the skids seem to be harder, the machine really slowed down. it seemed as if was gonna stop. you could see how much it slowed down on the shading by the dots on it. I sped it up and it still did. Is this normal on this new machines? I have a LS model as well and this doesn't seem to happen with it when i'm linning with a 9 round. I'm pushing a bugpin 15 mag with the ss and using the electric module. what's your toughts on this, is it normal or did i get a defective machine.


RE: hybrid ss

Im not really sure,usually if the machine is going to slow,you turn it up and it should be fine.It's possible it could of just been the skin,if i run into a tough skin area i'd take a break and set the needle out a bit more, would try it a couple more times before you call it defective,and if it still seems weird contact the guys at Neuma and either have them fix it or trade it in for a new one.
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