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poor tattooing

hi mike, firstly love the work u do dude, just purchased a full set of neumas from steve at neuma,

was just wondering if anytime in you career u have come across scratching shops, we have one on our doorstep, now im no tattoo artist like u but i put out clean work and have been pro for abour 3 years so hope to keep improving constantly, problem is we have a studio on our doorstep that has been here for bout 5 years and they trash talk us all the time, even tho i feel my work out classes theirs, we here horror stories of weed smokin in shop and cleanliness issues, was just wondering if u ever came across this on your way up and whats they best way to deal with it?

my portfolio is avaliable to view at http://www.da-kine.co.uk

thanks in advance



RE: poor tattooing

Well that sucks! Sorry to hear that man.But maybe you should try not to worry about it and just do your thing. If your doing better work and operating your shop better you shouldn't have to worry about it.People will notice that your shop is cleaner and a better environment to get tattooed in.
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