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I had two loaded questions since my 08 seminar

I see your using the new Hybrid machines. I personally hate the size of them compaired to my N2. They also weigh more. I don't have any problem with the way my N2's run either. Another friend also switched to them but said they ran "plastic-ie", were heavier, and felt like a cheep knock-off, compaired to the N2. So my question is...

Should I really switch to the hybrid, because there is something lacking in my N2 that I can't see??? Or is it just the "new thing" to switch too?

Second, when I took your seminar in June 2008 in Hesperia, you set me up with a specific color pallet for doing portrate work. We were both using Intenze ink at the time. Now I see your using Fusion Ink. So my next question is...

Why did you start using Fusion Ink? And what do you like about that ink versus the Intenze. (should I change your Intenze portrate color pallet).

Which came first?
The Chicken (DeVries) or the Egg (Nikko Hurtado)?
You guys tattoo so similar that it would personally piss me off, to have someone tattooing so close to my style. I realize you guys may be friends, so you don't have to say anything about that. But who's copying who?


RE: I had two loaded questions since my 08 seminar

If your happy with the Neuma 2s, then there is no desperate need to buy the new Hybrids. Although i strongly believe they are better. And since your all already set up for air,it isn't that big of an investment to buy one Hybrid and try it out,if you don't like it through it on ebay and you can probably get all your money back, or just keep it if you collect machines like a lot of people do. There is that chance even though your happy with your N2s you might be happier with the Hybrid, but you'll never know unless you try it.

As far as my ink palette i still use alot of the same ink as before,especially for the skin tones, i use the fusion ink for a lot of the other colors such and purples,blues,pinks and oranges,Fusion ink skin tones are so different than others it's nice to dabble with them too. But typically for skin tone I'm still using what i have been.

To answer your bonus question, There are thousands of tattoo artists out there doing realism now, and alot of them are getting really good at it, I couldn't be pissed off at something that i possibly helped inspire. And i definitely couldn't be mad at one great artist such as Nikko, I feel honored to be titled in the same category as him. But the truth is there was tattoo artists doing color portraits before both of us.To name one would be Deano Cook he was doing them along time ago,i think during Nikkos apprenticeship and mine we were both introduced to it by our mentors,we dialed it in and ran with it. I remember i was doing color portraits early on and then saw a Nikko piece and i was amazed.I don't think we ever really copied each other, but i know i have gotten inspiration from his work and i would hope he has gotten some from mine at some point in time.
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