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when u do a portrait or a normal tattoo and u apply the swirls around them, is this something u do in photoshop using the smudge/drag tool then print and do portrait from this?

also sorry to ask a couple questions, i just had my neuma hybrids delivered and am waiting on the compressor, i ordered the neuma air pack? have u used this, seen this workin, just lookin for some feedback on noise, and things etc
thanks mike, no 1 artist for me



Sometimes I do like to use photoshop and sometimes i just do it on the fly,depends on what I'm feeling for that specific tattoo. I have been using Photoshop a lot more lately than I used to in the past, I have a lot of fun with it and think it is a strong tool to use for tattooing..
As far as that air pack, I'm really not sure i have only used the compressors.
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