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importance of conventions?


i see a number of artists that have made a 'name' for themselves touring the convention circuit...i've not yet attended/worked a convention and am wondering what the importance of such a thing is?

do you think that participating in tattoo conventions has played a role in your success as far as networking, getting visibility, etc?

i am new to the more public world of tattooing. i've been tattooing for many years, but just in the last year have begun working in a shop. i work by hand, without a machine in a by-appointment-only shop...getting a client base has been slow.

i'm curious about what conventions are best for...any thoughts/experiences you might care to share would be most appreciated.

thank you!



RE:importance of conventions?

To make a name for yourself in this business, first and foremost is do quality work,no matter what style it is. Then once you have that down having some uniqueness to your style will help,especially nowadays. Conventions will help get your name out there but it isn't because of conventions that got me to where I'm at today. It's a combination of hard work 24/7, and dedication. If you have that, then conventions will help,magazines and the internet all take a part in it,its not just one thing you can do,it's all of the above.
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