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hey, have you used skin candy color, if you have how does it stack up against, eternal, intenze, classic color, kurosumi colors, and joshua carlton's line up of inks.. i'm in the market to try something else but dont' know which way to go.. thanks.



I have tried Skin Candy Ink, but don't prefer it. I really like Fusion Ink, if you have to buy one set, I would buy a set of Fusion Ink. The only colors I don't care for from Fusion is the skin tones although they arn't bad, just a little pink for my preference, I prefer Intenze and Millennium Skin tones. There are some killer colors from Eternal Ink too. But thats pretty much the Ink companies I stick with.
I filmed a new DVD the other day and went thru all the colors I love as i was pouring my palette, should be out in a couple months, if you wanted to know specific colors from these companies, it will show all in the new DVD.
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