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hiring artist?

I was wondering about the pros and cons on hiring additional artists. I have owned my own studio for going on 4 years now and have been thinking about bring on an additional artist. Working at other studios in the past has got me a bit skeptical though. I have seen where bringing in another artist has caused problem with the shop and the shop reputation. Just curios on everybody's thoughts on this matter. Also what seems to be the best way : Taking a percent of the profit ie. 50/50 or renting out a room for a certain amount a month?


RE:hiring artist?

Just don't be in a hurry to fill the spots, wait for the right guy! One good thing to do is if you have an artist or two in mind, just have them come in for a couple guest spots and feel them out whether you can work with them or not,no commitment at first , feel them out as a person even more than an artist. That person is going to rep the shop once there there and you just want cool people, even if there artistic skills arnt there yet, make sure they have that drive to get better and know after a short period of time there art will evolve. Of course the best scenario is a great tattoo artist and great person all in one, but if you are good, he/she will feed off of you and become better almost instantly. This is what has happened with all of my guys.

Although it does suck when you bring someone in and teach them and they get a huge head and think they are the shit and leave,i have had that happen once,i wont name names, but it happens. You have to be ready for that scenario.

As far as paying your guys, i think it is best if you do a percentage, if they are new or there work lacks in certain areas do 50/50 if they are solid and have good cliental you can do 60/40 and even 70/30 if they are killin it and booked up for a long time. 70/30 isn't common and some might think that is crazy but if you have a good guy i feel that if you take care of that person he'll return the favor.The only way i would do booth rental is if lets say Nick Baxter or Guy Atichison came and worked for me then i would do whatever is necessary. lol, Know what i mean?
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