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Working with Stigma

Hello Mike and other users of this forum!!!

To apply light wash to skin i like long throw low voltage.machine bugs down and hits even,soft.to apply solid color still long throw but higher voltage still bugs down.Can i do this things with hiper2? does it bugs down?
i wanna order stigma hiper2 so i would like to know your opinion about this


RE:Working with Stigma

There is a difference that you will notice between what you are used to and if you where to use the Stigma, when i use a new machine i don't change the way i tattoo, i look for a machine to work good for the way i tattoo, but it's just something you gotta try for yourself, it wont back off as much as you are used to, but you will be amazed at the consistency you will get, and that goes for a lot of the new rotaries, i think thats the big reason why so many people are switching to a rotary or swash drive. Every movement is exactly the same.
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