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Tat Wax needles?

Okay, if you are like me the sounds of Tat Wax anything makes you cringe with disgust! Everything I have seen from them is complete crap.

One of the guys I work with decided to buy a box of their new needles they have been making, after reading online somewhere about how great they were. They showed up and of course I made fun of him for buying them. I have been using Mythra since 2007 and haven't bothered to look anywhere else for my needles... However, when he pulled his new "Tat Wax" needles, they looked great! I decided to try some and after the past few weeks using them and Mythras "side by side" on the same tattoos. I can honestly say "I like them slighty better than Mythra".

Now anyone that has switched to Mythra, usually seems to notice that they feel "sharper" or "more crisp" than other premade needles they have used (It's not everyone and I'm sure there might be better needeles out there). The Tat Wax needles are no different. They feel very crisp and laydown ink fast. Most artist I know that have used CAM needeles think there garbage, so when a lower CAM brand needle comes out. It's suprising how much better they really are.

The main "problem" with them would be there inconsistency in group tightness. On averarge they are very close to Mythra. The groupings seem more inconsistent, needle to needle. However I didn't find any "bad" ones in 2 boxes I have gone through. IMHO, I like the inconsistent groupings for times a want a tighter or looser grouping of the same size. That can come in handy. The best thing is the price... $7.50 for a box of 50!

So if your up for trying something new and you guys run across these, give them a try. You may find yourself pleasantly surprised.

(I did both of the following tattoos with Tat Wax needles)