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Yo mike just wondering if you ever tried your hand at bio-mech/organic. Also, do you have any of this style tattooed on you, just curious, it's my favorite style so I just want a respected artist's opinion on it.



I have only done a few bio-mech tattoos myself, but it was a while back, I'm sure one of these days ill do some more bio tattoos. I do like the style a lot! I have a half sleeve of Bio-mech, my arm pit was done by Carson Hill and it's bio-organic with geo shapes, and my chest is being done by Nick Baxter which has a lot of Bio organic elements in it along with Chess Pieces and a crazy twisted Chess Board. Should be finished soon! I also have my foot done by Guy Atichison which is in Tattoo Prodigies, it's a Glowing geometric shaped orb with plants around it mixed in with some bio organic texture,took 11 hours,one sitting.Ouch!
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