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dark skin tattooing

hey mike,great job,is there any specific brand of ink u use on dark skin?


RE:dark skin tattooing

Theres no specific brand I use for dark skin, I use the same brands for all skin types. If the skin is really dark, then I would stay away from light colors such as white and yellows and possibly talk them into black and grey if there skin is to dark for color. Also if the skin is really dark I might use a blacker black, like a triple black from Eternal Ink.If the skin looks dark but you still think a full color piece will work, just be careful on the usage of white, using to much could turn brown over time. In a case like that just highlights would do the trick rather than doing big color blends with white. Each tattoo and Skin tones are different, so you have to feel it out and use your best judgement per piece.
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