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been learning alot..

hey mike ,
Im not sure if you remember me but i came by maybe 3 months ago to the shop we talked about what i should be doing to get into the industry the right way. you gave me a list of shops to check out and some words of wisdom. i later came by and let you know how it went but you were tattooing. well just wanted to say thanks again for taking time to talk to me. i didn't get an apprenticeship at those shops but i did find an amazing artist thats been helping me along the way. i do sit ins with him to watch and learn while he works. the progress i have made in the last 5 months i think has been amazing and im learning more and more every day. my tattooing has improved so much and more importantly i have been expanding my knowledge on the art in general, learning different medians like painting and the right ways to draw a portrait. i was hoping i can drop by sometime and show you my progress. thanks alot again!! gabe. ... dude with the messed up ears..


RE:been learning alot..

Thats cool man! Swing by anytime.
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