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Fusions by Time Machine

Been using time machines as daily drivers for the past year and a half....but I use my liner as a shader and shader as a liner and its works for me...What I want to hear is from others who have used the fusions as well... Since switching their applications my lines have become smoother and consisitent and my grays are now creamy and not pixelled. What are your exp. with the fusions? Thank you in advance


RE:Fusions by Time Machine

i have 4 of these machines..2 liners 2 shaders...i love the liners..but as far as the shaders go i found i out grew them quick...for an every day work horse for medium size tribal or solid fill i find ya get about six months or so...but as far as layering or black and gray id have to give em a thumbs down...you can only adjust the depth and nothing else wich really limits the capability of the machine...and i cant seem to push any thing bigger than a 15 mag really,..they came out with adjustable ones now that dont void the warranty...but im kinda leaning towards rotarys now...actually waiting for my thumbs up on the stigmas....hint nint mike...lol...any ways theyare not bad machines..i started with em and used for about a year and a half,,,still use my liners...
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