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rotary problems

hi all

i have been using coil machines now for over a year and heard good reviews about rotary machines so i bought a stelth,

i set up the same as i would with a coil, the machine was running at 7 volts with a lining needle when i came to tattoo it seems to hurt more than a coil machine and seems to bleed alot more also,

the tattoo itself is also very sore afterwards which i dont get with coil machines

im thinking i must be doin something wrong can anyone help me out please

many thanks neil


RE:rotary problems

coil machines have plenty of give, stealth rotary's have none so you have to work the skin very gently so you dont over work and chew it up. try out a stigma hyper or a dragonfly, both have adjustable give so you dont chew the skin up
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