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hawk vs stigma

i like to buy a rotary but i dont know if buy a stigma or the hawk.
see a photo in your twitter of mike demasi tattoo your leg with the hawk machine?
what do you think about it,is make a lot of pain?
people said that stigma is more soft

thanks in advance


RE:hawk vs stigma

I think the Hawk and Stigma feel about the same, as far as pain for the client. I personally prefer the Stigmas over the Hawk. But theirs a lot of artists that love the Hawk, but I have heard more stories of artists using the Hawk and going back to what they used before, then compared to artists trying the Stigma but actually staying with them...
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RE:hawk vs stigma

Stigma or Hawk?
good question...i love my Hawk, how ever i just picked up 3 Neuma Hybrids..the cost of the needles on the Hawk arent as bad as people say.Where i get mine from the price is probably very comparable to a regular disposable and needle set up.Not sure if i can give a supplier a plug in here...so i'll hold off for now.

The only problem i see was the Stigma might be availability but i think Mike has something in stock..
theres always used hawks on Ebay, but that might be saying something
theres a bunch of other options...SwashDrive, inkJecta,Rapier(tattooed pirate) etc......
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