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Skin getting red

Hey Mike i dont imagine you'll be getting around to answering this any time soon. But i was wondering sometimes when iv been doing bigger colour pieces i really like to layer and blend but the skin gets so damaged and so red its a little discouraging and i find myself just moving on. i really try and keep it soft with lower volts but then i cant get any saturation ...im using coil machines and #8 mithra bug pins iv tried many different set ups to try and solve the problem but i haven't found anything yet. What causes this trauma? Is it a low duty cycle and its causing the needles to drag? is it hand movements? When i watch your video i dont see much trauma but your really packing the ink in and its sooo smooth. hope to hear back from you i imagine theres no 1 answer but maybe you could help out thanks man!!


RE:Skin getting red

It's hard for me to say, without seeing you work,or knowing a few things about you and your machines. But before you get to the layering method, you really need to know how to pack in solid colors and not worry so much about layering. Once you can pack in the ink,then you could move on to some other techniques. If you know how to pack it in well. Then start making small adjustments until something works for you. A lot of that would boil down to some of the basics that you should have learned already. If you have tried a lot of different things and nothing works. Then try a Rotary!
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