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Alla Prima

here i go again. i want feedback.Alla Prima inks..
my experience is ive used a lil black, white, and the flesh tones...seems pretty good, but i'd like to hear other peoples feedback.
i currently use Eternal and Intenze...a few others in the mix, but i'm thinking of buying a complete set of Alla Prima.


RE:Alla Prima

Didnt we just do this with Skin Candy? lol
I got a set when it first came out, and it was shit. Didnt go in well, healed washed out looking. Pigment settled real bad in the bottles. So Jeff Montgomery sent me a new batch to fix the situation which was awesome of him, except the new batch sucked just as bad as the last. Tried contacting him about it, but to no avail... :(
supposedly they got most of their formulas from August at SKin Candy to begin with and then went from their making some changes and putting their own touch to the mix. Try what you will man, but the good ink companies are obvious. Either look at what all the dank artists around you are using and follow suit, or spend a bunch of money trying them all out and see what you like best. Im of the minority that doesnt like Intenze or Eternal, some great color palates, I just dont like ink that smells like paint thinner.
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RE:Alla Prima

Lol ! Yeah,just did Skin Candy, i just dont want to waste anymore money. these Forums are the closest thing that we have to "Consumer Reports"
i have noticed that Intenze has a strange oder , havent noticed it with my Eternal...
How about those KURO SUMI colors? I'm skepticle.
i know Intenze and Eternal are good thats why i have them.
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