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Cranial Visions

"Cranial Visions: Exploring the Skull Through Artistic Interpretation" is the newest book project in the works. I want to give everyone a heads-up. If you’re interested in participating, the deadline will be here in no time. Jeff Johnson and I are putting together Cranial Visions, which is going to consist of a massive collection of skull-related artwork for this hardbound, high quality book. It will also be another book published by Memento Publishing.

If you're an artist and would like to get your work published, now's your chance! Our goal is to acquire 3,000 of the best images of skull-related art for this book. Even in the early stages of collecting artwork, we have received a huge amount of skull images in all different types of art. 

We are accepting any medium, such as: tattoos, paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, digital art, photography, etc. If you have produced some art and the imagery is based on the skull (and not just the human skull) feel free to send it in, to have it published and appreciated alongside some of the best artists of our time. 

We have received so much cool stuff that we have had to extend the deadline twice; but the very last day to send it in is June 15th. So far, the majority of submissions have been tattoos and paintings. They will most likely hold the biggest sections in our book, but we are looking for as many different creative outlets as possible. The more creative the better! 

We want to produce a book that can be appreciated by anyone, completely based on an object that has inspired artists and art collectors alike, since the beginning of time. You can either paint something new or just send in something that you have already finished.  You can send in as many images as you want. The more the better! You can either email them in high-resolution, high-quality files to:  cranialvisions@gmail.com or send them on a disk to:

Attn: Jeff Johnson 
MD Tattoo Studio 
9545 Reseda Blvd #2 
Northridge, CA 91324

When you send the photos please don't forget to mention your name so we can give you the proper credit for the art inside the book. Below each image, we will have the artist’s name printed in the book.

We are really excited about all of the artists that have already confirmed their participation! As of now, we have over 200 artists that have sent in images. Just to name a few, we have images donated by: Guy Aitchison, Nick Baxter, Shawn Barber, Bob Tyrrell, Bugs, Simon Hayeg, Durb Morrison, Kore Flatmo, Roman Abrego, Jesse Smith, Nathan Kostechko, Juan Salgado, Alex De Pase, Carlos Rojas, Josh Duffy, Bez, Myke Chambers, Sean Herman, Tom Strom, Nate Beavers, Aaron Bell, Chris Blinston, Thomas Kynst, Phil Robertson, Volko, Stefano Alcantara, Craig Driscoll, Don McDonald, Cory Norris, and of course Jeff Johnson and myself.

I look forward to receiving everyone’s submissions and checking out the vast array of artwork.