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Introducing Wipe Outz™ Premium Tattoo Towels
Posted on 3/13/17

Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo Towels 

Check out the three main Wipe Outz™ dropping first!

•Dry •Wash• Numb

•10 Count Packs •Single On-The-Go Tattoo Care Packs

A Cleaner Alternative To Traditional Unsanitary Paper Towels! 

Wipe Outz™ are a much needed product for the tattoo cuommunity, my vision is to make paper towels a thing of the past, paper towels are very poorly made and to be frank, straight up dirty! I can't wait for everyone to try these out! Don't get it twisted with baby wipes! These have been specifically formulated for tattooing and the healing of your clients new tattoos! Choice of black "Dry" 10 count packs or white "Dry" 10 count packs, enough to do an entire tattoo with just one pack of Wipe Outz™. 

Learnng curve, don't be so eager to throw a towel away because the way we designed Wipe Outz™ they last much longer than a traditional paper towel! The black packs work great for black and grey and they go even longer, we've witnessed on many occasions that only one towel was needed and they were able to go thru an entire convention of tattooing with 1 ten pack! 

Here's some awesome key points about Wipe Outz™! 

Sterile, Durable, No needle clog, No Paper Residue, No Sting, Non-toxic, Alcohol free, Absorbing, Safer & Cleaner, Soft & Soothing, Vegan, Artist & Client Approved!

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