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Animal Ink and Tattoo Extremities
Posted on 4/10/11

Dear Tattoo Artists,

This post is to let you know about two new book projects that Memento Publishing is working on in collaboration with Mike DeVries and Jinxi Caddel ...and we need your help and submissions to make it outstanding!

We have already received some amazing tattoo work and we are looking forward to collecting and viewing some more. Thank you to those that have already submitted your tattoos!

These new endeavors seek to further delve into the exquisite and acclaimed work of tattooists from around the world, with two areas of concentration. 

1) Tattoo Extremities: Artistic Focus on the Head, Hands, and Feet

This book will focus on three specific tattoo art placements: 

- Head
- Hands
- Feet

The project will include finished tattoo work that was completed on the aforementioned areas of the body and we are searching for beautiful photos to include in the book. We are looking for all different types of tattoo styles; in both color, or black and grey. No limitations, except for the location on the body. Submissions can be previously finished work or may include something specifically designed for this project.

- Head work can include neck tattoos if they are connected to the head design.
- Hand tattoos can include finger and knuckle tattoos.
- Tattoos on the feet can include ankle or toe work if the tattoo connects to the foot design.

The book will be approximately 240 pages in length, and be a hard-bound, high-quality, internationally-distributed, coffee table book.

2) Animal Ink: Exploring the World’s Wildlife Through Tattoo Art

This book will focus on animals in various forms, including: mammals, fish, reptiles, insects, amphibians, and birds. 

We are looking for all types of animals from wild to domestic/pets (dogs, cats, birds, horses, etc.), sea creatures, farm animals, etc.

We are seeking completed tattoo accomplishments in many genres, such as: realistic, traditional, cartoon-style (New School), Japanese, bio-mech, abstract, full-color, black and grey, etc.

In Regards to Both Book Projects:

**Please note that NOT all images submitted will be used. We will be “collecting and selecting,” so submitting does not guarantee a spot in the book - but the only way to be considered is to send us what you’ve got. Present as many photos as you'd like. Each artist will be given credit in the published book with either their name near the picture or in the index. 

**We would love to give every participant a free copy of the book, but due to the volume of submissions, we cannot guarantee this. After all of the images have been received, Mike and I will sit down and choose the top 30 artists (for each book) who will receive a free copy. This is in no way intended to be perceived as a contest and we wish there was a way to accommodate everyone. Many important factors will be reviewed during the book selection process, including: sending photos in a timely fashion, inclusion of accompanying release form, outstanding art, variety of images sent, etc.

Images can be submitted via email to:


Or to send a disc through snail mail, please address to:

Memento Publishing
c/o Jinxi Caddel
12672 Limonite Avenue, Suite 3E #260
Corona, CA 92880

Please send high quality/high resolution images only. 

Be sure to include the following information with your submission:

-Artist who completed the work
- Release Form - please print out, sign, and mail to Corona address c/o Jinxi Caddel listed directly above

*Link to download Release Form:

**Submissions must be received by May 15th, 2011.

Thanks for reading!