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What’s up with Wipe Outz™ Tattoo Towels and Wipes?

Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo Towels are our first step in providing the very best in tattoo care by placing safer towels right in your hands! These tattoo towels are STERILIZED, convenient, pre-folded and ready-to-use! Just tear open the pack and lay out what you’ll need on your clean workstation and you’re ready to go!

Wipe Outz™ DRY Towels leaves no residue or lint. This means No More Clumpy Needle Clogs, caused by paper towel residue!

Our premium material lasts much longer than traditional paper towels. -One pack goes a long way!

Wipe Outz™ Cleansing Tattoo After Care Single individually wrapped wipes are soothing and soft to the touch yet extremely durable! Convenient and safe for your client’s’ fresh new tattoo.

Perfect for On-The-Go tattoo cleansing! Clean that fresh tattoo anywhere at anytime! No sink needed, no need to rinse with our self drying wash formula, no mess and safe to use. Reduces risk of germs and promotes better tattoo healing!

Wipe Outz™ Advanced Tattoo towels are specifically engineered with both the client and artist in mind!

  • Sterilized
  • Premium Material
  • Highly Absorbent
  • Ready-To-Use/ Dry Tattoo Towels / Available in Black & White
  • Tattoo Aftercare Wash Wipes / Available in White
  • No Paper Residue
  • No Lint
  • No More Nasty Needle Clogs
  • Latex & Alcohol Free
  • Non-toxic
  • No Sting
  • Soft & Durable
  • Long Lasting
  • Less Irritation And Redness
  • Your Clients Will Feel the Difference
  • Convenient for Shop & Travel Use
  • Set-up Faster / Pack to Travel Quicker & More Compact
  • Biodegradable / Vegan No Animal Testing
  • Created by Tattoo Artist Mike DeVries / Designed For Tattoo Artists & Their Clients!


Sterilized For The Next Level In Tattoo Safety


Where is MD Tattoo Studio located? What are your hours?

MD Tattoo Studio is located at 9545 Reseda Blvd. #2, Northridge, California 91324. Our hours are Tues.-Sat. 10:30am to 7:30pm. Mondays 11:00am to 5:00pm.


How do I set up an appointment to get tattooed by you at MD Tattoo Studio in Northridge, CA?

Thank you for the interest in my work! I truly appreciate it! Unfortunately, I’m currently not taking on new clients at this time.  


How do I go about setting up a tattoo appointment with an artist that works with you?

Check out our Tattoo Studio website. MD Tattoo Studio  and you can email one of them directly!


Do you accept cash or credit cards for tattoos?

Yes, we accept cash and all the major credit cards.


Can I use Bitcoin for a tattoo?

Yes, now accepting Bitcoin for any size tattoo! Tattoos for Bitcoin is here! If you're interested in using your Bitcoin please fill out the form "email here." There is reserved space on the schedule just for Bitcoin tattoos. Reserve your spot today!


What type of tattoos do you like to do?

Looking through the galleries of my work, it will give you an idea of what I like to do. I prefer to keep it in the realistic spectrum, but I'm always open to go outside the box. At this current time I'm taking a break from color portraits (specifically speaking; family member portraits).  I like working on clients that are 100% open to suggestions. I prefer hearing your idea and then let me run with it. If you're not sure if I would be into your idea, still run it by me and I'll let you know what I think.


What type of tattoos do you not do?

There are certain types of tattoos that I won't do at all, which include: racist, gang-related, and anti-biblical imagery. Just not into it!

Are there parts of the body you do not like to tattoo?

Yes, I try and stay away from tattooing the ribs, stomach, chest and neck, besides the back of the neck I don't mind tattooing. Reason being, I stay away from those because after a long tattoo session in those spots, it ends up tweaking my back and I'm trying to save it for as long as I can. If it's something small in those areas I might make an exception.

Can I set up a consultation with you?

If you would like to meet in person that would be great. It's not necessary, but it is fine if you would like to stop by MD Tattoo Studio to discuss your ideas in person. Again, please email me first and once we get going we can set up a time to meet. You can also swing by the studio at any time when we are open and I would definitely have a few minutes to talk. We would have more time if we set up that appointment beforehand. It is best to give the shop a call and make sure I'm here before you come down, especially if it's a far drive. 

How do I go about setting up an appointment if I live out of town?

The majority of my email tattoo requests that I get are from people that live far away from me. If you're not within driving distance it's very possible I will pass on the project. When there are flights involved it puts my schedule and life on lockdown because of the flights people book. I'm fortunate enough to keep busy just tattooing locals. So if something comes up that I have to attend to, I can reschedule easily, and/or do a second pass on a tattoo if need be. If someone flies in to get tattooed by me it also makes for a very long day for me because I try and finish the tattoo but if something comes up and I have to cut out early, it makes it very difficult. So if you're emailing me from another state you will probably get an email from me recommending someone else in my shop. Please understand and don't take it personally if I turn down your tattoo idea. It's not you, it's me, I swear!

What do I have to do in order to get an appointment at a convention?

Emailing me with a brief description of want you would like to get done is the best start. Conventions are a bit harder to catch me at, and I get more selective on what I will do at a convention. I don't like to start big pieces, I prefer to start and finish a piece at a convention in one day. It's also harder to get in because there are only a few slots open. I only do one tattoo a day, so that leaves three openings at the most; and at some conventions I put on a seminar on one of the days, which takes up a day. So sometimes there are only two days for two tattoos. As soon as I post new dates, email me as soon as you can, because I do tend to fill those slots within a week of posting the dates.

How long are you booked out?

I usually stay booked out about three months. I don't like to book out farther than that. Usually when I hit that three month mark I'll start cutting back on how many appointments I set up, just so my schedule doesn't get too crazy; so I do start to get selective on the work I decide to take on at that point.

What is your deposit requirement? Do you charge by the hour or by the piece?

Please email me for more information on pricing.  I do require a deposit and if the tattoo is big and needs multiple sessions, the deposit goes towards your last appointment. If we get it done in one day it goes towards the finished piece for that day.  Deposits are non-refundable but if for any reason you need to reschedule your appointment I need at least 48 hours notice, then we'll reschedule you onto another day and you will not lose your deposit. I can give you a ball bark figure on time once I know what we are doing, the size, color or a black and grey tattoo, etc. If you would like to get tattooed and find out more info click the contact link and please fill out the form and we'll go from there.

How long does a portrait usually take?

On average, a portrait in color could take between 3-6 hours depending on size, placement on the body, and how detailed the image is. In black and grey, a portrait could take anywhere between 2-5 hours, also depending on those factors; and obviously, if the tattoo is really big it could take longer. These estimates are based on an average size, around 4 x 6 inches, give or take a little. I could give you a closer estimate of time after I see the picture and know size and placement.

Can I get you to draw a tattoo for me even if you don't tattoo it yourself? Do you sell stencils?

I wish I could. The problem is lack of time. I have so many appointments set in stone that I have to get ready for that it is hard for me to make time for such a request. And sorry, I don't sell stencils. If there is something you like that I have done and I'm not going to be the one tattooing it, find the artist that you're going with and have him design a piece for you so it is more custom for you. Out of respect for me and the collector please don't copy the exact tattoo, but rather get ideas and inspiration from them.

In your shop, do I have the option of being tattooed in a private room?

At MD Tattoo Studio we work in an open environment in separated cubicle style booths. It's not very private, but we do have one private tattoo room that is available upon request. If you want to get tattooed in privacy please provide me or any one of us at MD studio with at least 24 hours of notice.

How do you feel about doing big projects on long distance clients?

I tend to get really picky on any big projects, whether it's on a local client or long distance. The reason for that is the commitment behind it, I really have to be into it for me to take it on. Especially long distance clients, as they don't realize how many trips it could take and the appointments get spaced out so far apart that it takes too long to get it finished. If you would like a big piece from me such as a back piece or full leg, you have to understand that it is not cheap and takes a lot of time. If I decide to take it on you have to be willing to come a minimum of once a month until it's complete; twice a month is even better. I turn down a lot of big projects even from locals, please don't take it personally if I don't take on your tattoo project.

Do you do cover-ups?

Within the first few years of my career that's all it seems like I did. I still do them every now and then. If it's a cover-up that you need, please email a picture of your existing tattoo and let me know what you would like to cover it with and I will let you know. Sometimes your ideas for it just won't work, but I'll give you my opinion on it. Sometimes it might take some laser treatments before we could go and cover it, but it all depends on how dark the piece is and what you want to stick over it. Remember that full-color works best for cover-ups.

Do you do touch-ups on other artists work?

I would like to say no to this question, but every now and then I might take one on. I wouldn't re-work a back piece, sleeve or anything big, but if it's a small tattoo that you're not happy with and you're not ever going back to that artist (and I don't know him/her), I might do it. If this is something you need, please send me an email of your existing piece that needs help. Keep in mind that I won't do something like this at a convention.

Do you usually do a second sitting on your work?

If it's a piece that is average size it usually won't get a second pass. If it's bigger and we just start it (map it in) that first day, then of course it's going to need a second pass to finish on another day once it's healed. If I do a tattoo that is called finished after that first session I may suggest a second sitting just to make it better. Most realistic portrait tattoos could use a second sitting, even if it doesn't really look like it needs it, it will just help with the longevity of the tattoo and make it look even better. Think of it as an oil painting, revisiting it is always a plus, so you can get in there and tighten, smooth and detail things out.

Do you take on apprentices? Any advice for someone looking for one?

At this time I have a new apprentice and will not be taking on another one for a long time. If you're looking for an apprenticeship, I would suggest building a strong portfolio of drawings and paintings and researching the good tattoo shops in your area. Take your portfolio there and see if they would be interested in taking you on as an apprentice. If you get turned down, ask them what it would take? It might take making your portfolio stronger. Don't get discouraged; use that as fuel to get better and keep trying.

What do you recommend for Tattoo Aftercare? How long will it take for my tattoo to heal?

Everybody has a little different method but this is what I recommend.  When you leave the shop you'll have your new tattoo wrapped up. Leave that wrap on for a couple hours, then take it off and go directly in the shower. Clean it really well with soap and water, lathered up in your hand (don't use a wash cloth or loofah). You don't want to wrap the tattoo again (unless you are sleeping in a hotel bed). The main thing you need to do is keep it clean. I suggest washing it at least 3 times a day until it's healed. I recommend applying a thin coat of Redemption Tattoo Care on it 2-3 times a day for 3-4 days, or once it wants to start peeling, then use a fragrance-free lotion, such as Lubriderm or Curel lotion, apply that a few times a day until it's healed, your tattoo should be healed in 9-14 days (give or take). During the healing phase you don't want to go swimming or soak in the tub; and don't scratch it. One other good option is, you can skip the lotion and use Redemption Tattoo Care until the tattoo is healed and skipping the lotion stage all together, you just want a very thin coat on it when you apply it on. Grab your own Redemption After Care "Click Here" Last but not least you half to check out MD Wipe Outz for the care and healing of your fresh tattoo which is great for on the go tattoo care by providing sterilized individually wrapped cleansing tattoo towels! “Click Here

Do you do guest spots?

I don't usually do guest spots, but if one comes up I'll post about it!

Can I guest spot at your studio?

We currently have room, shoot us an email with your info!

How long have you been tattooing?

I've been tattooing since 2003.

What kind of tattoo machines do you use?

I’ve had my share with all different types of tattoo machines over the years, some I love and some I couldn’t recommend. I’ve used all sorts of coil machines, rotary tattoo machines, and air driven tattoo machines. I have come to the conclusion that for coil tattoo machines there are so many good tattoo machine builders out there I couldn’t even begin to make that list of the best coil machines out there but I do know Aaron Cane machines are great! Dan Dringenberg tattoo machines are Awesome! To say one is the best versus another is hard to say, it's all personal preference with colts and rotary tattoo machines.


What do you think the best rotary tattoo machine is?

As far as rotary tattoo machines, there are a lot of great options on the market nowadays such as Fk Irons and Inkjecta! Stigma tattoo machines, NeoTats, Bishop and there’s many more out there that are great tattoo machines! I currently use the Fk Irons Xion Pen. Companies are coming out with new and improved tattoo machines all the time, so my opinion could change but that is where it stands as of now. Oh by the way another fantastic set of machines are the Inkjecta V.1, V.2 and the new Nano!

What kind of tattoo ink do you think is the best?

There’s some great tattoo ink companies out there! Eternal Tattoo Ink is my choice!Fusion ink, Intenze, Empire, and World Famous Ink.

Do you use Vegan Tattoo Ink?

Yes, Eternal Ink!

Who do you think has the best tattoo needles and cartridges?


I made the switch to tattoo cartridge needles years back and never looked back. Cheyenne cartridges and True cartridge needles are nice! As well as Peak and Eternal’s Red Dot cartridge.  

What kind of camera do you use to photograph your tattoos?

There are a lot of good cameras out there for taking the best tattoo photos! I actually just use my iPhone now. The cameras on the phones are great for good tattoo photos!

How do you decide to do a tattoo in black & gray/grey monochrome or full-color?

It's usually not my decision. Usually my clients know what they want, but I will give my opinion when they ask for it or if I see something that seems odd or might not work well. For example, if someone wants the full grey color monochromatic and they have dark skin, I would suggest doing traditional black and gray, as it will look better over time. Usually I will go over the pros and cons of each before we start if they are undecided on what colors they want.

Can I get the same tattoo you have already done on somebody? Or can I use photos of your tattoos for myself or to use it on my website?

When I do a tattoo I take pride in its individuality and the custom work I put into it. I won't duplicate the same tattoo, so please be respectful of me and the recipient of the tattoo. If you are interested in using a picture of my work for anything please write me and let me know, and I'll give you personal permission.


MD Tattoo Co. / Ordering FAQ

Do you ship all over the world?

Yes, we ship all over the world. We do have some distributors in different parts of the world too. You can check online or with your local supplier and see if they offer what you're looking for and if they do, it will save on shipping too. 

Do you wholesale your tattoo products such as Wipe Outz and Tattoo Books?

Yes, we do. If you would like to carry MD Wipe Outz products or Memento Publishing books or DVDs, please email us thru the contact page. "Attention: Serena"

What is Stencil Stuff and how does it work?

Stencil Stuff® is a tattoo transfer solution that was designed in 2005 by Mario Rosenau and Mike DeVries for tattoo artists to help apply longer lasting tattoo stencils on the skin. It is a non-toxic stencil transfer solution (lotion type gel) that you rub on the skin before applying the tattoo stencil. Stencil Stuff keeps that tattoo stencil from rubbing off so easily and it doesn't mess up the tattoo stencil if you need to reapply it to get it right. It is also, and most importantly, a cleaner, safer way to transfer tattoo stencils. It is used by thousands of tattoo artists every day. You can check for more info. Tricks to using it: Shake bottle before using it, clean the area properly before applying the stencil. I like to use hand sanitizer or an alcohol-based product that cleans and also dries out the skin a little bit, which helps keep the stencil on even better. Once I do that, I rub it in like a lotion, leaving the area consistent (not too wet and not too dry) and after that it is ready for the stencil. Allow about 10 minutes to dry. I usually apply the stencil before I set up so it allows for a good amount of drying time. If it's a small piece and you are not worried about it staying on for a long time, you could get away with just a few minutes of dry time. 

For more information on Tattoo machines and other Tattoo related topics, please visit my Tattoo Forum.

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Mike DeVries, trusted for over two decades, has worked with notable clients such as Sylvester Stallone, Yelawolf, Daughtry, Travis Barker, Skip Schumaker, KJ Apa, and many more.

Mikes the owner of the shop, & does phenomenal work! He's a down to Earth guy, & can't wait to get back in the chair with him soon! All the guys in this shop are super talented, and the shop is probably one of the most cleanest tattoo shops I've ever been in! Keep up the good work guys! See you soon Mike!

David S from Google

Best artist in town!!! If you want some excellent detail and awesome customer service this is the spot !!!

Jim J from Facebook

I've been wanting to get a tattoo from Mike DeVries for years. Everything finally fell into place and we're working on my second tattoo right now! The shop is officially open and he's getting a few more artists on board. I'll be returning for more work soon.

Isaac L. from Yelp

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