How to make your own Stencil Stuff with Walter White: Breaking Bad style!

Video Clip made by Sullen TV

Tattoo Prodigies 2

Tattoo Extremities "Book Preview"

Eight Arms of Inspiration "Book Preview"

Animal Ink "Book Preview"

Cranial Visions: Exploring The Skull Through Artistic Interpretation "Book Preview"

Tattoo Prodigies "Book Preview"

With The Light Of Truth "Book Preview"

"Get Digital" Photoshop Techniques for Tattoo Artists of all Levels. "DVD Preview"

Trailers for the new instructional DVD "Get Real with Mike DeVries: Animal Style" ...2 disc DVD...Multiple camera angles. DVD is mostly edited in real time, showing and explaining all steps to tattoo realistic animals and portraits, from photoshop techniques, prep, stenciling, machines, ink, technique, all the way to the finishing touches of the tattoo.

Trailer: Get Real with Mike DeVries: First Edition Tattoo DVD.

How To Apply a Tattoo Stencil Using Stencil Stuff