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Now offering individual Stencil Stuff UnitPacks. Same amazing solution that comes in the 8 oz. work station bottle but individually packed in convenient travel size packs. Comes with 40 UnitPacks per bag for individual use or multiple applications.... each has a self-closing metering channel so no waste. Great For Travel!!

Stencil Stuff* tattoo solution was developed in 2005 by Professional Tattoo Artists for better detailed, precision tattoo stencils that help achieve longer lasting stencil artwork. Stencil Stuff* is a creamy lotion that has been laboratory formulated and tested to be non-toxic and safe for most skins. Stencil Stuff* makes the tattoo transfer crisper, cleaner and sharper than using all other traditional methods and eliminates the possibility of cross-contamination. Stencil Stuff* eliminates the need to bloodline or gray line. It also works exceptionally well if outlining is needed or desired. If there is a need to remove the transfer stencil for repositioning, it can be removed with a new product called Prep Stuff. The original thermal copy stencil can be reapplied many times without the worry of using damaged stencils or having to make another.

Stencil Stuff* has become a necessity in the tattoo industry, used by thousands of professional tattoo artists everyday, including Rich Pineda, Jeff Ensminger, Nick Baxter, Phil Garcia, Yogi Barrett, Liz Cook, Josh Duffy, Mario Rosenau, Bob Tyrrell, Joshua Carlton, Josh Woods, Sean Herman, Carson Hill, Kyle Cotterman, Jimi Litwalk, Josh Duffy, Jeff Johnson, Tater, Steve Soto, Nathan Kostechko, Roman, Andy Engel, Mike DeMasi, Dan Smith, Big Gus, Baba, Rick Walters and many more...

"For printable versions of Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) please contact"

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